IT Legacy Modernization Projects

When you need to retain your proprietary applications/business logic legacy modernization is the answer. PracTrans fixed price services equal results.

PracTrans is not just another migration consulting company. We have extensive real world large project experience with multi-year multi-million dollar engagements. And YES we have references you have heard of that will talk to you openly and honestly about our services and the challenges of your transition from a legacy environment to a new open source environment.

Our definition of a transition includes: 1) platform, language and database migrations 2) field expansion, name changes, SSN replacement 3) server, application and data center consolidation and 4) mergers and acquisitions. Our experience includes the following hardware/software technologies:

  • Platforms – IBM Mainframe (z/OS, VSE), BULL, AS400, UNISYS, UNIX, LINUX, SUN MTS, Micrfocus MTO and WINDOWS
  • Languages – BAL, COBOL, RPG, MANTIS, EASYTRIEVE, JAVA, 4GL (ADS-O, LINC, Mapper) and VB
  • Transaction Processing – CICS, TUXEDO, TP8, IDMS-DC, and .NET
  • Databases – DB2, ORACLE, SQL-Server, DataCom, DMS, IDS, IDMS, IMS, Sybase and VSAM

Migration Management Consulting

We can provide the management and technical advice to insure success. Here are just a few of the many migration project issues PracTrans can assist your company with to avoid a costly failure:

  • Vendor and / or tool selection, avoid buying vaporware and subjecting your staff to unqualified personnel. Learn the secrets migration vendors do not want you to know about their tools, methodology and staff.
  • Project planning, is the proposed project plan (schedule and resources) realistic?
  • Risk assessment, how risky is the contemplated modernization effort.
  • Learn how to write a bulletproof contract that will keep you from wasting valuable budget dollars on unusable work products.

Migration Project Rescue Services

Let PracTrans show you how to take a poorly run project and turn it around. We will send in a swat team to save or determine if your struggling or runaway migration project can be saved. PracTrans can quickly provide your organization with an accurate assessment of the problems and remedial measures required for success. Subject matter experts will evaluate all aspects of the project including:

Project Plans/Schedule Testing Strategies
Staffing/Resource Allocation Change Control
Online Architecture Implementation Strategies
Conversion Tools/Level of Automation

Mergers and Acquisitions

PracTrans recognizes application integration and data migration are required during a merger or acquisition and will evolve as the new company begins operations. It will be critical to merge certain integral operational areas on day one, while other standardization and synergies can be achieved over time. Our transition methodology will help you achieve a seamless integration in the most critical areas and then facilitate the effective steps that will provide the desired synergies and return on investment.

A transition driven by a merger or acquisition often creates a great disruption in a company’s IT environment. IT organizations are focused on the day-to-day technical challenges or strategic initiatives and often have little time or experience in the due diligence required in an M&A setting. Due diligence typically focuses on commercial or operational issues and fails to consider system integration challenges. Announcement of a merger or acquisition is often a surprise to the IT group and creates immediate disruption in the following areas:

Evaluating, planning and implementing a merger of two disparate IT infrastructures without impacting day-to-day operations

Identification of IT conflicts and duplicate capabilities such as disaster recovery that could be costly in the long run

Identification of key data sources that require integration or migration

Maintaining a stable, secure, scalable and high performing infrastructure during the integration process

Identifying synergies that allow for reduction of overall operating costs of the combined IT infrastructure

Identifying, implementing and measuring security policies to protect company data


Our transition methodology will help you consolidate servers, applications and data centers, providing the planning and control required to achieve projected cost savings and improve operational efficiency.

Over time, many companies' IT infrastructures have inadvertently evolved into expensive, large, and difficult to maintain operations. Server and application consolidation can yield significant savings. PracTrans understands the challenges of a consolidation project.

These challenges include:

Overgrown infrastructure that is too expensive to maintain.

Payment of higher maintenance fees and other costs of under utilized assets and applications.

Lack of internal resources necessary to develop and implement the consolidation plan.

The need for minimal business interruption during the consolidation process.

Identifying, implementing and measuring security policies to protect company data during the consolidation.

Revising disaster recovery plans to address critical business functions.