Data Conversion/Data Archiving


Data Conversion and Data Archiving

PracTrans has extensive experience performing legacy data conversion, cleansing and mapping for COTS / ERP software implementation. Complete and accurate conversion of legacy data is essential for the effective operation of the new system and to providing uninterrupted service to end-users. Our end-to-end chain of custody / audit process verifies the accuracy and completeness of the data transformation ensuring that data conversion is done right the first time.

The Data Transition Toolset (DTT) is an easily customized set of ETL tools developed by PracTrans and used in many platform and data conversion projects to improve accuracy, standardize functions and automate time consuming processes. The DTT contains tools for portfolio analysis, data mining, rule extraction, code conversion, and name standardization in addition to data conversion.


Automated software tools reduce costs, improve accuracy and provide consistent results.

Benefits of DTT for Data Conversion:

  • Single source staging area for all data conversion related information
  • Data inventory analysis
  • Automated legacy unload program generation
  • Transformation Scheduler automates the conversion process and schedules and reports progress
  • Relational Data Repository allows rapid refresh of test data, development of accurate and complete test plans and selective data extraction in support of phased implementations

Data Archiving of Legacy Data

The DTT can also be used to archive data from legacy data stores to a relational DBMS. Access to historical data can then be provided using standard SQL queries, business intelligence software or HTML.