Company Background

Position your business for the future with PracTrans Legacy Modernization Services.

PracTrans has a proven track record successfully executing technology transitions and legacy modernization projects at a reasonable cost using our low risk approach. Our team has been performing IT legacy modernization projects since 1985. We are experts in analyzing your current applications, technology requirements and preparing an executable project plan. We couple our expertise with a variety of software tools from “best of breed” vendors and from our own catalog depending on the job. If we can’t help you we will tell you quickly and suggest alternative sources of expertise that might be applicable to your unique situation.

Selecting a Vendor

Transitioning your legacy applications to a new platform such as UNIX or WINDOWS or to a modern language such as JAVA is one of the most challenging IT projects any business enterprise can undertake. This is a job for which you need experienced consultants, as opposed to just programmers. As an IT decision maker you have four choices:

1) High-priced, big-name IT Integrators. Yes these companies all have references but rarely can they provide the truly experienced people for your project.

2) Migration vendors who have offshore factories in India, Romania, Russia or other “low cost” locations and rely on a few “front resources” to liaison between your staff and the factory.

3) Specialists such as PracTrans who provide high quality services using US Citizens who are heavily experienced and dedicated to legacy modernization projects.

4) In-house. Although your staff knows your applications, “they don’t know what they don’t know” about a transition project, leaving your project susceptible to large amounts of rework.

All four approaches are capable of delivering a successful project, with varying degrees of risk and at prices that range from astronomical to too cheap to provide you with the quality you desire. In the end, project success is predicated on the expertise of the individuals performing the services, and not who they work for. PracTrans provides this expertise. Our top ten Sr. Consultants have over 300 years of IT legacy modernization experience, we have seen it all.